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Have you already tried everything to quit smoking? How much money have you already spent on nicotine patches and supplements? How much money are you spending monthly… yearly on cigarettes? How much are you overpaying for your medical insurance as a smoker? It's a fact that medical and life insurance rates are much higher for smokers. Smoking is a very costly habit, isn't it? And what about your health? But you already know all that.
It is time to regain control and change your life for the better!

Hypnosis is proven to be very effective in helping people to quit smoking. I have clients that turn to hypnosis as a last resort after trying everything else, including a few courses of tobacco cessation prescription medications.

I combine advanced hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques that work synergistically to ensure the best results. My Smoking Cessation program is designed to help you create a new life style as a non-smoker and new healthy and powerful identity. Boosting confidence and reinforcing self-esteem are incorporated into each program. As a bonus, you will learn valuable tools that will improve your health and life overall - stress and sleep management, meditation, and self-hypnosis. Each program supplemented with hypnosis reinforcement and guided meditations' audio recordings for listening at home.

We are all very different, although many people are able to quit smoking after the first session. I start with a single 2-hour long smoking cessation session - $250. It is sufficient for most people. If you will feel that you need a little more help, you can come in for a 45-min booster session - $100.






Smoking Cessation

single 2-hour session

Fee: $250

Booster session

45 minutes long

Fee: $100

Smoking Cessation

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